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5 Pillars of a Digital Marketing Strategy

5 pillars of a digital marketing strategy

Before we get to know about the 5 pillars of a digital marketing strategy, let us learn about a Digital marketing strategy. We can best define digital marketing strategy as a marketer’s planned steps or actions through online mediums to achieve specific business goals. In other words, we might also say that digital marketing strategy is the continuous performing of actions by a marketer or a digital marketing agency on the appropriate internet channels that help boost businesses’ income and strengthen connections with their audience.

Now that we know the basics of digital marketing, let us head towards the 5 pillars of a digital marketing strategy, which are:

SEO Marketing –

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most important step of digital marketing. For better understanding, just know that digital marketing has no point without including SEO in its work. Those newbie’s who know nothing about digital marketing are ignoring the part SEO plays in bringing the site up in ranking on Google. Most people who have a good hold on finances prefer using paid sources such as PPC to get a good rank on search, which is completely wrong.

SEM and SEO digital marketing come into play where the former term uses advertisements in the form of PPC to get a high rank on the search engine while the latter works on the uniqueness and keyword usage of the content. SEO digital marketing stands for digital marketing through Search Engine Optimization, which might be a time-consuming process. Still, the ranking on any search engine is organic and achieved through unique content.

Social Media Marketing-

Once a website for the business is made, the marketer needs to move on to the next step and try to increase his online presence and reach their potential customers where they are already present, i.e., social media. As the name says, social media marketing is marketing with the help of social media platforms, which helps marketers spread information about any product or service and distribute relevant content through a planned marketing campaign. Influencer marketing and embedded advertising are some of the most common methods followed by marketers for social media marketing.

Content marketing-

The first and foremost important step that any business needs to follow for an online presence is content marketing. Every company that wants to reach its potential customers through the internet needs uniqueness in its content, which helps rank any website. The primary step that any business needs to follow to achieve a good ranking on the internet is developing unique content that best describes their business.

Content marketing is a time taking process and cannot be achieved in a day. Keywords research is the first step that any marketer needs to implement before writing any content for the website. Once the keywords are shortlisted, the content writer’s job is to prepare SEO-friendly content.

Email marketing-

It is a method to reach the already enlisted customers on your email list informs them about any new product or service you have an offer. This can also include special discount coupons that would give the customers a connected feel with the brand. This is a perfect way to market yourself as you will reach only those people who are interested in your products.

Mobile marketing- When it comes to marketing, a marketer or a business owner always wants to be present where his customers are, which in today’s time is possible with the help of a Smartphone. Thus, all businesses need to optimize their websites, emails, and landing pages in such a manner that they can be accessed through the Smartphone while our potential customers are on the go.

Digital Marketing – Extremely effective medium

As we know, more and more people are shifting towards the digital world to make their businesses grow. It is genuine because almost half of the world’s population is using the internet as a source for everything that seems possible. Similarly, most markets have moved on to the internet to sell off their products and valuable services. Moreover, digital marketing is an effective medium to attract more potential buyers to your site.

With time and process, improvements have been made in selling products through digital channels. Yet, if you need to work efficiently, you need to hire an expert in the digital marketing field. You can also learn a lot of things through online content and information on SEO and other aspects of the industry.


There’s no way to determine what you’ve been doing is correct or incorrect — or, more significantly, how you might improve — without analytics. Analytics helps the marketer access his website and understand what is working for them and what needs improvement. This allows the marketer to understand what things need to be changed on their site: content, image, title, etc.

Additional Note –

If a person efficiently uses Digital marketing, the outcome will be surprising. It gets you more traffic on the website, but it helps build your brand, creates awareness among customers, and enhances the profit earning. Though the people in today’s time are more inclined towards online shopping, you need to check your layout and presentation of the products and services. It is the key to enhance your business and get higher profits from the digital marketing process.

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