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Why Should You Convert Your HTML Website Into a WordPress Theme

HTML to Wordpress

When the World Wide Web was introduced, all the websites consisted of codes and static HTML; however, that is not the case anymore. Creating a website is not such a difficult task now, where you need ample coding knowledge. Back in the day, if you weren’t well versed with coding, you couldn’t even think about making a website, but that is not the case anymore. That has been possible only because of the development of the software age. 

Web building has now become a much easier task than before due to the availability of Website templates, automatic content management systems and software apps. All these have made coding and designing a website a lot easier as these tools do mainly all the complex tasks when we talk about website development

HTML to WordPress?

We do not say that having an HTML website is bad since HTML 5 is quite powerful, especially for a showcasing website. Several of the sites designed years ago are in the HTML format and require HTML coding for any updates or changes, which is a very time-consuming and expensive process. However, people do not need to discard their old sites and get a new site made.  

Owners of these old static websites should instead convert HTML to WordPress and change their website from a static one to a dynamic one. Once you convert HTML to WordPress, you can edit or remove content on your site without any coding, which was impossible before. 

Now that we know it is possible to convert HTML to WordPress let us move forward and find the methods. Your personal choice, intended time/monetary commitment, and levels of coding expertise will all influence how you convert your static HTML site into a WordPress one. You must determine which is best for you, but you should make a quick decision with the summaries below. 

These three most prominent ways are to be used for converting an HTML site to WordPress:

  • Manually creating the WordPress theme based on your own static HTML site-

Doing so would require entering your site code. You also need to access the current site directory for your website using FTP and utilize the existing codes as starting points. After this, you will have to create the necessary theme files for your WordPress and copy the existing WordPress Codex codes. People with working knowledge in HTML, CSS, or basic PHP will find it a walk in the park.

  • Installation of a pre-made theme then easily migrating your content-

It indeed is the most valuable and straightforward option available. Since you already have a website, we can assume that you already have web hosting, which means you only have to pay if you choose a premium theme for your site. Since all the necessary plugins we will use for importing the content are freely available on the official WordPress Plugin Respiratory. 

  • Reaching out to an HTML to WordPress conversion service and paying them to recreate your static HTML site-

It is the easiest option to choose and doesn’t require you to do much. You only need to do a quick search on the internet, and you can select the best service providers, and they will take care of the rest.

Once the way of conversion is decided, the next step is choosing a hosting plan. For this, you will have to explore the available options and select the one fulfilling your needs. It is also possible that you initially decide to create and use a local WordPress Installation and migrate it to the local server afterward. 

The steps mentioned above, when followed, would get your HTML site converted into HTML. 

How to edit HTML in WordPress?

When they converted their sites into WordPress, people who had HTML sites often questioned how to edit HTML in WordPress? These are certain easy ways that people can use to edit HTML blocks in WordPress:

  • Editing HTML of posts and pages-

Editing HTML posts and pages can be done in both the Classic Editor and the Gutenberg Editor.

✦WordPress HTML editing in Block editor or Gutenberg editor-

Using this method will let you access and edit different source codes for the individual WordPress pages and posts. The three ways of editing HTML in Gutenberg are:-

  • Creating a new HTML block
  • Converting the existing block into HTML
  • and, Convert the entire page into HTML
✦ Editing of WordPress HTML in the Classic Editor-

If you are using the Classic editor in WordPress, the editing of HTML becomes much more accessible. Use the following steps:

  • Log on to the WordPress dashboard of your website and reach on the page or post you want to modify or edit.
  • You will find two tabs on the top right corner of your website called Visual and Text. Select the Text editor.
  • The entire page then turns into HTML. You can now either edit the code or add some other code elements here. 

How should source code be edited in the WordPress Theme?

People also often think about the ways to edit source code in WordPress themes. However, the risk here is much higher. Thus, it is highly recommended to have a backup of your website and use a show site for implementing the changes. 

Two possible ways can be used by anyone with working knowledge of HTML to make changes to their WordPress themes which are:-

  1. Usage of the Dashboard file editor
  2. Usage of the cPanel or An FTP client- People who do not have access to Theme editors or want to use an alternative method can choose to work with FTP or cPanel to access their theme files and edit them. 

There are certain plugins as well that allow editing of HTML in WordPress:

  • Head, Footer, and Post Injections
  • Videos HTML5 Player
  • Raw HTML
  • Allow HTML in Category Descriptions
  • Insert HTML Snippet
  • WP Coder – add custom HTML, CSS and JS code 

People with questions in mind about how to edit HTML in WordPress could use any of the ways mentioned earlier. 

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