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What is an
E-Commerce SEO Service?

Many different terms can be used to refer to E-Commerce SEO Services. People often use online/electronic commerce to purchase and sell goods and services in the online market. There is rapid growth in the E-Commerce industry in the past few years. As per the reports of Shopify, the E-Commerce industry will reach a total worth of $6.5 billion by the year 2023 throughout the world. At present, there are more than 1.6 billion people who are regularly purchasing goods and services.


The traffic that is generated through E-Commerce is divided into two primary sources – direct traffic and search traffic. In general, the stats of direct (42.90%) traffic are always higher than the search (36.50%) traffic. To generate traffic on your site, these natural and search sources will be followed by referrals – 7%, social – 4% and paid – 2% services.

How does it Work?

There are three main categories under which E-Commerce services can be stated. They are – Technical SEO, Backlink Building and Content Management. You cannot skip one and focus on the other as they all are essential simultaneously because of their interlinking. Furthermore, when you hire E-Commerce SEO Services from our end, all these components are collectively responsible for giving the desired output.

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Here, we will discuss all the three features of E-Commerce SEO Services –

Technical SEO – The goal is to ensure that the search engines such as Google and Bing can use their crawlers and index our website on the internet. Many other aspects come under the technical SEO part, such as –

  • HTTPS protocol
  • Page Speed
  • Schema Markup
  • Mobile Usability
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Site Map
  • Image Optimization

Backlink Building – One of the most critical aspects of E-Commerce SEO is to build backlinks. The meaning of link building means that you are getting yourself linked to other websites to get more traffic on your site. It is a systematic formula in which your higher ranking keywords will bring in more audience shuffling at both locations.

Though it may sound easy, Link Building is the most time-consuming and complicated process of SEO Services for E-Commerce websites. No every link that you will create on other sites must bring you traffic. In worse cases, some of the backlinks may also harm your website and lower down your traffic value. Therefore, if you work with experienced personnel like ours, you will get a tremendous amount of traffic through the Link Building process.

Content Marketing – Most SEO Companies are laying massive stress on the content published on the website. The Google bots use their crawlers and spiders to find out the most reliable and informative content and index it using the focused keywords. Thus, you can say that Content Marketing is one of the most potent phenomena of SEO Services for E-Commerce websites.

While you work with our team, we know that most online businesses have useless content and information on their product selling pages. It means they have a minimal scope of getting organic traffic using their own website. However, we have the strategy to work on the lowest possible aspect and provide you with the desired result.

What is the process of hiring E-Commerce SEO Services?

We will deliver you the E-Commerce SEO Services through a proper medium. Here is a step by step process that we follow to provide our clients with the best services in town –

STEP 1 – Initial Consultation

You will be allotted an Account Manager who will contact you and get a detailed outline of the goals and expectations of your idea.

STEP 3 – Approval of Strategy

Again, you will get a call from our Account Manager, and they will present before you the initial plan that has been sorted out as a strategy for your website E-Commerce SEO Services.

STEP 5 – Publishing Content

Our Content Writers will create content that needs to be posted on the website. However, before posting it, our Content Manager will send you the content before publishing it on the website.

STEP 2 – SEO Report and Audit

Business is the activity of making one living making money by producing products.Simply put it is any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.

STEP 4 – Fix Technical SEO issues

Our SEO Specialist will resolve any website issues that are related to the technical parts of the website.

STEP 6 – Creation of Backlink

Our Outreach Manager will create backlinks on various platforms as per the relevancy of the content and the business profile.

STEP 7 – Sending Monthly Report

We will be sending you monthly reports of the past accomplishments made by us. It will be given in a detailed form, making it easier for you to get the correct stats.

Benefits of E-Commerce Services –

  • Provides top ranking to your websites on popular search engines like Google and Bing.
  • Reduction in the return rate.
  • Bring in more traffic/visitors to your website.
  • Creates a large amount of content at a low cost.
  • Quick and high-quality content creation.
  • Visitors stay on your site for a longer time.
  • You will get quality assured results.
  • Improves your conversion rate.
  • Flexible modules for any business.

A Generation of highly-flexible E-Commerce Business

The online market is booming day by day with the unique ideas and thoughts of the present time. In a few years, you will see the drastic change taking over the digital and online market by storm. Needless to say, with such drastic changes, the companies will give in for more competition to overpower others.

Furthermore, to achieve success in the E-Commerce industry, you need to have a clearer idea of running your business using online sales and marketing techniques. Here, we will help you get everything you wish for from your business using the best marketing techniques.


How can you explain E-Commerce in common terms?

Any business activity that is carried on wholly through the internet is known as E-Commerce. Here, people interact with potential buyers and sellers and transfer money and products through a digital medium.

What are the different types of E-Commerce categories?

There are basically three forms of E-Commerce categories –

  • B2B – It stands for Business to Business which means that two businesses interact on a commercial level and provides goods in return for monetary value. In simple words, two enterprises with a direct inflow of goods and services in exchange for money are B2B E-Commerce businesses.
  • B2C – The abbreviation entitles for Business to Customer where a person may normally live in tangle his business with reference to its customer. It is the ideal form of E-Commerce business at the present time.

C2C – Though it is not that common on the ground level, yet you may come across many such E-Commerce businesses that go with the category of Customer to Customer. Here a normal person will be able to crack the deal with another person without any regard for business holdings.

Why is there an urgent need for E-Commerce businesses?

In the current times, when people are shifting towards an easy and affordable form of business, E-Commerce is the only solution that will make them account for a whole. The prime reasons can be –

  • To enhance the reach of potential customers by removing location barriers
  • To encourage people to shop online in the current time of the pandemic
  • To encourage digital transactions in order to save paper money
  • To enlarge business idea without worrying about an ideal place
How can sellers promote their E-Commerce websites?

To enlarge your business idea on the internet, you need to look for the key factors of digital marketing strategies. You can assign an expert who can make your business grow with a few technicalities. The main aspects that need to be covered are – SEO, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and others.

What are the security risks that are involved with E-Commerce business?

When a business person establishes a website for their business, they need to be absolute about their security pattern for the safety of their business profile and the customers. You need to check these three dimensions of business at all costs – confidentiality, availability and integrity. It is necessary to own a server that is secure and does not allow and faults during money transactions.

What can be the actual cost of running an E-Commerce portal?

The actual cost of managing any business cannot be estimated as it differs from one another. Also, it depends on the platform you choose for your business, such as WordPress and wooCommerce are less in cost than the other ones. Similarly, if you choose to go for Magento and other technical platforms, the price range can be slightly high.

How does social media impact E-Commerce sites?

When you build an E-commerce website, it becomes essential to increase the website's traffic as well. More so, with social media linked to your sites, you can encourage more audiences to visit the website.

How is E-Commerce SEO different from other SEO practices?

In general, there is no such difference between E-Commerce SEO and traditional SEO practices. However, with E-Commerce SEO, the elements and strategies become more important. More so, an E-commerce website has to deal with products and their number present on the website. In addition, you continuously have to make the SEO work with the offers and discounts.

How long will it take for E-Commerce SEO to show results?

Like other SEO practices, E-Commerce SEO takes several months to show desired results. However, it may not be compulsory, but it also depends upon the project we need to work on. Therefore, on a minimum basis, it might take 3 to 6 months to show desirable results through E-Commerce SEO.

What kind of stores can use E-Commerce SEO services?

The E-Commerce SEO services we provide are helpful for any online business/store. Here, at The-SEO-Agency, we have experience of working for more than 10 years. Thus, we also have the achievements that can make it easy to work on any kind of e-Commerce store.

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