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Introduction –

It is a general piece of advice to always look for the rules and terms of a company before you start to engage with their business. Our company’s Privacy Policy is similarly sufficient to inform people about the norms that we follow to keep your data and personal information intact. Furthermore, if you are willing to use the-seo-agency.com, you need to go through the company’s Privacy Policy. Note that you “agree” with the terms mentioned on our website if you continue to use our site.

Information that we collect–

The information that we collect is processed through Google analytics that gets auto-saved into the website’s database. It is necessary for us to store them to provide the best possible experience we can endeavour from our end. Note that it is only acceptable when you use our website or other services. The primary purpose of collecting information is to provide our users/customers with the services that go as per their choice and preferences.

There can be the following data we may collect in the form of your information –

  • The device that you are using currently to use our site and your personal information is collected at first. We do not cover any information that relates to other valuable websites. Your browser’s cookie is stored as well to know what you are looking for on the web.
  • We collect your personal information as per your consent, such as – through profile creation, form fillings, subscription and publications, telephone number, credit card details, and others. Such information is mainly regarded as “Registration” that users prefer to give to receive mail from the website.

Sharing of your personal information –

There can be numerous reasons for which we may disclose your personal information. It may not be necessary, but these will be done to customize your data and its relative information that we endure to our customers/viewers. Furthermore, we use your personal data for the following categories –

  • We usually collect your personal data such as identity and address to locate you and supply you with products and services of your choice. Needless to say, it is an essential step for us or else we may not be able to provide you with the best services from our end.
  • If we so ever get merged with some other subsidiaries or affiliates, then, in that case, your information will be transferred to them as well. They are the ones who will be able to provide you with the commercial and promotional messages of our company.
  • We own the right to share your personally identifiable information for safety and health matters. If any criminal act and the case go into public interest, we may have to share your information under the Law Enforcement Act.

Information Security and Notification –

As you know, there are numerous ways of doing thefts, and in the online business, the technology has developed to a new extent. Though there have been modifications and advancements in the digitalized world yet with that, theft has enhanced with that as well. Furthermore, we may not be able to guarantee the safety of your personal information. Also, keep in mind that the browser of a system you are using needs to be secured, or else it may be a high risk of hacking.

If there is some security issue from the company end, we will notify you beforehand. However, it would help if you were sure that you do not use a system or anything that connects to the network of a public place. Rest to be assured we try our best to keep your data and information intact in the database.

Note – Our website has all the security measures that need to be there for the betterment of the company and its users/viewers. We keep regular checks to see everything is under control. If you have any questions related to the privacy policy statement of our company, you can contact us any time through our “Contact Us” page.